My Reply to the 2019-20 Budget Address

Mr. Speaker, I rise today to speak in reply to the Minister of Finance’s budget address from last week. This is important because it’s the last budget of the 18th Assembly. It is, in essence, our last kick at the can, our last shot at making our mandate commitments we all agreed to three and a … Read more

My comments on the Arbitration Motion

Mr. Speaker, I was a member of the Local Steel Workers 182 as an employee of Con Mine when the Giant Mine strike took place. I assure you I do not need to be reminded of the impacts of a strike. I lived it. Mr. Speaker, clearly no one in this House wants a strike … Read more

Ingraham Trail Constituency Meeting

Ingraham Trail Property Owners Constituency Meeting When: Sunday June 17, 2018 Where: Prelude Lake Main, Loop C, Cook Shack Time: 12pm – 2pm Notes: There will be no charge at the park gate for vehicle day use. Contact: Cory @ 445-1192 if you have questions

Part 2 – My Comments on Bill 6:  Cannabis Legalization Act

Mr. Chair, Yesterday I spoke about my support for the 7 substantive policy recommendations designed by the joint Standing Committees to improve the government’s planning and program development related to the legalization of cannabis. Today, I would like to speak more specifically about the content of Bill 6.  First, I want to start by recognizing … Read more

My Comments on Bill 6: Cannabis Legalization Act

As the Chair of the Standing Committee on Economic Development and Environment (EDE) I was not a Member of the Joint Standing Committees that worked together to review Bill 6.  However, I have taken a keen interest in the work of my regular Member colleagues on the review of this proposed legislation. I have done … Read more

My Reply To The 2018-19 Budget Address

Mr. Speaker, I rise today to speak in reply to the Minister of Finance’s budget address from last Thursday. Over the past two years my replies have been somewhat critical of the Minister’s budgets. This year I am pleased to say that, in general, the budget address gives me some optimism that we are heading … Read more

Small Victories

Hello, and Happy New Year Yellowknife North constituents! It’s always nice to check off an item on your To-Do list. This past year we checked off a few items, and celebrated some small victories for Yellowknife North. The longest standing matter was the issue of pedestrian safety for residents and tourists traversing between Niven Lake … Read more