We live in changing times. Between climate change, demands for new forms of energy, challenges in transportation, and costs that never seem to stop rising, we sometimes doubt that we’ll be able to create a better world for our youth. But I think we can harness new ideas, new technologies, and the energy and creativity found in our very own schools, businesses and communities. From that we can find ways to go forward,  and make the Northwest Territories stronger, more diverse, and more prosperous.

“We are primarily a resource-base economy and we need to continue to make the right investments in infrastructure that will allow responsible exploration to advance, and make mining more inviting so that we can share our vast resources with the world market… I am also committed to diversifying the NWT’s economy to help mitigate the impact of fluctuations in our natural resource sector and increase job security for all northerners… we can protect priority programs and services while also reducing the cost of living for all residents, and lowering the cost of doing business.” Cory Vanthuyne, Hansard, December 14, 2015