Carbon Tax – how shall it be used?

Hello Everyone As we now know, the Federal government has made its position clear: there will be a new national carbon pricing regime by 2018. The GNWT has signed on to the Pan-Canadian Framework on Clean Growth and Climate Change and therefore supports the development of such a pricing regime. The GNWT has developed a … Read more

Carbon Pricing

Hello Everyone Let me share with you my position when I was asked during the 2015 election if I would support such a tax or initiative as carbon pricing. We are faced with many challenges in the north but at the forefront is the ability to afford living here and doing business here. At this … Read more

Constituency Meeting

Hello everyone. The next session begins on May 24th. I will be hosting a constituency meeting on Thursday May 18, 7pm at the Legislative Assembly in Committee Room A. Hope to see you there! Cory

My Reply to the Budget Address

Mr. Speaker, last Wednesday (February 1, 2017) the people of the Northwest Territories and the Members of the 18th Assembly listened to the Finance Minister give his second Budget Address. It is astonishing how quickly our term in office is flying by. The speed that time is passing underscores for me the urgency of making meaningful … Read more


Hello Everyone The next sitting of session will be Jan 31 – Mar 10. I would like to hear from you with any concerns or comments you may have prior to session. There will be a meeting for constituents held Thursday Jan 19, 7pm at the new Chateau Nova Hotel meeting rooms. Hope to see … Read more

Year one, in the books!

Hello Everyone, You know the old saying “time flies”, well I think its safe to say that was the fastest year of my life…I have no idea where the time went. In that light I want to share a brief update on the year past and what we face ahead. Can you believe we are … Read more

In Recognition of Remembrance Day

Hello Everyone In recognition of Remembrance Day I would like to share my Members Statement from November 3 in the house. Thank you, Mr. Speaker. As is symbolized by the poppies we all wear in this House, I rise today to call attention to next week’s national day recognizing Canadians and others who have devoted … Read more


Hello Everyone, During the capital budget deliberations today (Nov 1, 2016) myself and Kevin O’Reilly asked Minister Schumann about commitments toward safe access for walkers and riders from Niven area to town along Highway 4 and in particular the crosswalk that has been long talked about. The Minister stated that DOT will be building a … Read more